Diego Montoya

Voxel 3

Diego Montoya - Concept, technical execution
H0m0n1m0 - Sound design

Voxel 3 is both a volumetric rendering experiment and a study of how audio-visual perception influences human empathy.

Four tablets arranged as the walls of a box serve as windows into a virtual cage where a small living animal resides. Head tracking and stereographic rendering, together with anaglyph glasses give it a 3D holographic feel, bringing it to life. The creature reacts to spectators around it, following them with its stare, chasing and biting fingers when the screen is touched. Observers slowly build an empathic relation through the direct interactions, building an emotional connection between the virtual and the real world.

Voxel 3 was exhibited in the Deutsches Museum during the Munich Science & Fiction Festival 2019 founded by Ronit Wolf.

Try the image below with red-blue anaglyph glasses.

Voxel 3 roar anaglyph

Voxel 3 cube perpective
Voxel 3 kids playing

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