Diego Montoya

Polyd The Creation of Adam


Diego Montoya

An app which transforms any image into beautiful low-polygon art works. It takes just a few minutes for an unexperienced user to create eye-bewildering images.

Polyd dolphin

Polyd processes images applying various filters to achieve a low-poly effect. First, it finds edges in the image and chooses the points in those lines which can be used to form the polygons. Then, it defines a grid of polygons and fits it to the chosen points accordingly. Last, it takes the color from the pixels underlying every polygon, and creates a gradient to fill them.

Mainly two parameters can be adjusted, the sensitivity and the density. The first one affects how the polygons attach to image edges. While lower sensitivity causes polygons to follow only the edges with high contrast, higher sensitivity causes polygons to follow lower contrast edges as well. The second parameter, density, sets the maximum total amount of polygons on the image.

Another feature of the app is the ability to create a mixed polygon-covered and polygon-free image. The results are perplexing creations of mixed polygonal objects and real scenery. Convert portraits, paintings, abstract images, selfies, or anything you can think of.

Polyd texture

Polyd selfie
Polyd The Starry Night

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