Diego Montoya

Light and Guts

Diego Montoya - Concept, technical execution
Martin Burkhard – Technical execution
Martin Karg – 3D Modelling
H0m0n1m0 - Sound design

An experiment to research the connection between volumetric perception and primal emotions, Light and Guts is an exploration of the way the human senses become aware of objects in the real world and how the plasticity of these objects can influence basic, instinctive reactions.

Composed of a series of projections arranged in a three-dimensional space, playing synchronized videos. Beamers light from different directions on semi-transparent gauze helping images look as if hovering in mid-air. The projected videos are rendered from a 3D model, corresponding to what would be a sequence of slices of a virtual living animal. The creature’s natural back and forth movements seek to improve the volumetric perception. With the help of depth sensor, observers are detected as they approach the work. The animations react accordingly, and the spectators feel as if they are there in the room with the creature.

Light and Guts was exhibited during the Munich Science & Fiction Festival 2018 founded by Ronit Wolf and was sponsored by VDI/VDE-IT.

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