Diego Montoya


Hi! I have been working with emerging technologies in creative ways for as long as I can remember. From doing ASCII art on a 486 computer, to building a VR viewer for 3D NFTs.

I take all kinds of technological tools and work with them. I make art, but also build prototypes, design system architectures, create products, do research, and test any idea that comes to mind. On the way, I try to reach deep into people’s emotions, and do some good while at it.

I’ve have the most extensive experience in XR / spatial computing (or as Zuck likes to call it, the metaverse) and with C#. But I also have worked with and enjoy working with other technologies like Blockchain and AI, and other languages like Python and JS. It can be native or web-based, and I use the tools and languages that fit the job, not the other way around. 👾

Born in Guadalajara, Mexico in the 80’s, I wanted to be a palaeontologist until I discovered what the day-to-day of this profession was like 😅. I always loved math, computers, video games, graphical design, physics and philosophy, so I chose whatever had the most of it all for my bachelor studies: electronic engineering.

I ended up in Ulm, Germany through a student exchange, and started my masters in information technology there. I was pleased to discover that I could learn about some of those disciplines that I love, that were not covered well during my bachelors, if I specialised in computer graphics. So that was it: computational photography, computer vision, video game development, neural networks. After finishing my studies, I found a job at RE’FLEKT, a startup in Munich. There, I had a lot of fun, worked on cool projects and met great people. I also learned about augmented and virtual reality, fields that involved many of those areas of knowledge I’m passionate about. I got caught up in the startup life and even ended up co-founding VRdirect.

Life took the next turn and I became a freelancer. I believe that is where I can contribute the most. I can keep up to date while learning and sharing my experience as I change from one project to another. Also, freelancing allows me to do more art. But why art, you ask? I had some questions myself: How can I participate in the design and strategy of the project, while also getting my hands dirty? How can I learn the most, and experiment in the most ingenious way? How can I communicate a message? The best answer i’ve found, is doing art. And so the circle closes.

Interested in working with me?
Reach out: contact@diego-montoya.com